Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two new things; one not so new

1. We'll do a quick progress test on words often confused and contractions--both should be review.

2. Get ready for Shakespeare. For a quiz grade, you will attend the evening "Romeo and Juliet" performance, Thursday at Waterman's. For another quiz grade, you will write a five paragraph review for posting here on the Media Lit blog. By the end of class today, you'll have a copy of the rubric I'll expect you to use.

3. Before we can go on with "Digital Nation," you must comment here about your understanding of the documentary's theme and/or some of the questions posed, thus far.

1 comment:

  1. I think that they said that when somebody is multitasking they do not get stuff done at the same level or quality that they could if they were only doing one at a time. They also talking about when people get to used to using technology then they have to go to special camps to get away from technology and in to more nature stuff. Then they had people talking about how it was and they said it was very hard to do because they had nothing that was related to technology.