Thursday, January 26, 2012

Student-Specific Assignments:

Isaac: bring in another five hard facts and two generalizations.

Easton: create a timeline for the last 40 years or so of U.S. military involvement in the Persian Gulf.

Tristan: focus on the city's designer, bring in at least five more facts about him and draw two more conclusions.

Mya: bring in five facts about other world leaders' homes.

Caleb: three assignments: 1. bring in the original five facts about your topic; 2. bring in five more facts and make two generalizations or observations, about them.

Maddie: keep looking at the island-centric information, use your own understanding of island life to hunt down unique elements of life on Alcatraz.

Adrianna: draw three conclusions that you're prepared to defend with evidence.

Kaleb: find five facts and make two generalizations about your facts.

Sam: make at least two generalizations about your facts.

Jasmine: using Marvel, look at some medical journal articles about Alzheimers.

: bring in some generalizations about autism and education.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Supreme Court refuses to hear MySpace cases

Two cases, one where both a student's punishment for bullying, and another where a student's right to make arguably bullying comments are left intact as the Supreme Court refuses to hear them.

Both concern whether a school board's authority can reach into students' homes and computer. Apparently the Court is not prepared to rule on the scope of a school's authority outside of school. I wonder what any court would say if the computers used were supplied by the school as they are here in Maine.

The fact that these cases involve MySpace gives us a hint about how long these people have been in court.

A List of All Works Cited Docs











Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Blogginess

If you're wondering why I've created a second class blog, chalk it up to G-Mail's arcane signing in and out system. Anyway, welcome. Again.

Caleb Mao's Hai; Adrianna's Island Girl; Gina's Blogget; Jasmine's Blogage; Mya's Nutella is Awesome; Sam's bloggg; Isaac's deep; Tristan's blogger 1 .

First, who can help Easton get his URL to me? Can anyone show him how to put it in hotlink form?

Second, next week we'll work forward on your blog designs a bit, and backward on newspaper lingo. We'll also look learn how to tell a reliable source from one with a hidden (or obvious) bias.

Update: Yay, now I've got Maddie's linky to her blog, #3.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Things, Well, Second Things, First

So I know a little more where you are and where to start, click on this link to take a short survey.

Here's a second, slightly longer survey that will give you an even better answer to the question, "What kind of a tech user are you?"

We'll read this article about the invention of the Internet.

You'll need to know what the Cold War was, and also what Net Neutrality is.

In the comment section below, give one reason why seventh and eighth grade students living on an island in Penobscot Bay should study digital media.