Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Blogginess

If you're wondering why I've created a second class blog, chalk it up to G-Mail's arcane signing in and out system. Anyway, welcome. Again.

Caleb Mao's Hai; Adrianna's Island Girl; Gina's Blogget; Jasmine's Blogage; Mya's Nutella is Awesome; Sam's bloggg; Isaac's deep; Tristan's blogger 1 .

First, who can help Easton get his URL to me? Can anyone show him how to put it in hotlink form?

Second, next week we'll work forward on your blog designs a bit, and backward on newspaper lingo. We'll also look learn how to tell a reliable source from one with a hidden (or obvious) bias.

Update: Yay, now I've got Maddie's linky to her blog, #3.